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Data Analysis and Management Software (DAMS)

VU-DAMS combines all previous versions of the VU-AMS software modules such as AMS configure, AMS pre-processor, AMS QRS, AMS Graph, AMS revert format etc, in one program. This all-in-one program takes you step-by-step from raw continuous data to exporting your results. Improved artefact and R-peak detection assure optimal quality control and reliable output.

The flow of data processing is represented in the VU-AMS software`s interface:

Inspect Data

Inspect Data:  visual inspection of raw signals.

Detect R-peaks

Detect R-peaks: automated scoring the R-Peaks in the raw ECG signal and (interactive) visual inspection of the final IBI time series.

Label Data

Label Data: divide your continuous data into separate pieces for comparison in statistical analysis.siological values per label to EXCEL or ASCII.

Power Spectral Analysis

Frequency Analysis: IBI spectral power calculation (HF, LF, LF/HF, TP) for each label with minimum duration of 4 minutes.

Respiration Scoring (RSA)

Respiration Scoring (RSA): Automated scoring of parasympathetic tone (RSA) including artifact control.

Impedance Scoring (PEP)

Impedance Scoring (PEP): Easy and intuitive scoring of PEP, LVET, CO etc. with the help of ensemble average ICG and ECG (new!).

Label Information

Label Information: Export physiological values per label to EXCEL or ASCII.


The VU-DAMS suite is available for Windows and macOS can be downloaded from the support section.