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Audio Signals

Normal operation signals are in green and errors are in red.

Startup Beeps

startup beeps indicate the batteries are properly placed and the device is starting

Startup beeps

Single Beeps

single beeps are an acknowledgement of the action you performed

Start recording

Stop recording

Button Event Marker

Serial Event Marker

Double Beeps

double beeps indicate a system warning

No event because not ready

Action: Close cover and start recording if you want to insert event markers

No event because not recording

Action: Start recording if you want to insert event markers

Battery getting low

Action: (Be ready to) change batteries

Battery empty or CF full

Action: Change batteries and/or CompactFlash card

Triple Beeps

triple beeps indicate a physical warning (please note you will only hear triple beeps while recording)

ECG out-of-range

Action: Check the ECG electrodes

ICG out-of-range

Action: Check the ICG electrodes

SCL out-of-range

Action: Check the SCL electrodes


File Error Beeps

This shouldn't happen, but if it does; contact

File Error Beeps