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VU-DAMS program

The VU-AMS Data, Analysis & Management Software("the VU-DAMS Program")       release notes

  Windows macOS Executable jar (all platforms) Version status
  VU-DAMS version 4.7.1 VU-DAMS version 4.7.1   latest beta
preferred VU-DAMS version 4.3 VU-DAMS version 4.3   release version
  VU-DAMS version 4.5   VU-DAMS version 4.5  
  VU-DAMS version 4.6 VU-DAMS version 4.6   previous beta
  VU-DAMS version 4.7 VU-DAMS version 4.7    

VU-DAMS version 4.3 and higher is equipped with a highly effective dZ/dt filter (on by default). We discourage switching between having the dZ/dt filter on or off in the middle of a project. Use the same setting for all subjects in a single project. The new ICG filtering can be switched off via Edit>Settings>Expert Mode.

Please restart your computer if you experience (VU-AMS icon) problems.

The VU-DAMS Program is build and tested on Windows 10 (64bit version). This is the recommend and best supported OS to use with VU-DAMS. Please email when having problems.

VU-DAMS is a Java application, so Java has to be installed for VU-DAMS to run. To resolve Java version issues on installation or crashes when connecting the device check out this manual. 

Check out our VU-DAMS tutorials videos in addition to the VU-AMS manual.

Download VU-DAMS example file (Right Click the link and choose Save Target As...)

Download example label configuration file (Right Click the link and choose Save Target As...)

AMSi driver

When Windows doesn’t automatically install the driver (i.e. VU-DAMS can’t find the COM port to connect to the VU-AMS device), please download and install the driver below.

Download driver for Infrared serial communication interface

Internet Browser warning

When downloading the VU-DAMS setup your internet browser might warn you. Please choose Run anyway to install VU-DAMS.