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The Firmware is the software inside the VU-AMS5fs device. You can update this firmware yourself, when a newer version is available. To see the firmware version; connect to VU-DAMS.


Upgrading firmware:

For upgrading you will use the CompactFlash card for transporting the firmware from the zip file to the microcontroller inside the VU-AMS5fs device. So you will have to do this only once.

  1. Use full batteries!
  2. Empty a CompactFlash card.
  3. Copy the file '@AMS5fs@.bin' in the file to the CF card.
  4. Put the CF card in the VU-AMS5fs device.
  5. Push the black button on the VU-AMS5fs device.
  6. While pushing the black button put batteries in the device.
  7. When you hear a beep you can let go of the button.
  8. Put the battery cover on the VU-AMS5fs device.
  9. (When the device beeps every 3 seconds; cover the device from bright light)
  10. Wait till the device resets.
  11. You are now using the new firmware.
  12. Delete the file '@AMS5fs@.bin' from the CF card.

Download AMS5fs firmware version 1.9.4

NOTE: In general we recommend upgrading only in between your projects, but if the 'no file bug' is giving you lots of trouble, you might want to flash the VU-AMS device ASAP.