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Here you will find extra Windows software downloads like a serial dll and examples how to use it to send markers from a PC.

Please take care to close the VU-DAMS configuration screen before starting your experiment!

One more important note (especially for testing the markers); you can make VU-AMS recordings without putting on electrode stickers or even without connecting the ECG/ICG electrode cable. You will only record noise but will be able to open the 5FS file in VU-DAMS to check if all event markers are stored.
You could even disable the triple beeps you get because of the out of range physiological signals via the Warning button in the configuration window. But don't forget to turn them back on!

DLL download

Download AMS serial DLL setup version 1.3.5

The DLL should be automatically installed with the VU-DAMS suite


Examples to be used as templates for your own experiment

Download E-Prime example template using AMS serial DLL     PreRelaese Warning


Download Authorware example template using AMS serial DLL

Download Inquisit example template


Download Matlab example template using AMS.exe program


In Presentation you could use the run_process function to call the AMS.exe program below  run_process("C:\AMS.exe", "COM1 AMS5fs 1 1")                                                    assuming AMS.exe is in C:\ and VU-AMS is connected via COM1


Download AMS.exe and batch file example templates using AMS serial DLL

Use AMS.exe [COMport] [AMStype] [Marker] [Beeping]
Example: AMS.exe COM1 AMS5fs 23 0


'remote' written in E-Prime to be operated by researcher

Markers can be sent from a PC running E-Prime via a wired connection to the VU-AMS device

Download E-Prime VU-AMSremote using AMS serial DLL


DLL functions

DLL functions:
BOOL  Connected();
VOID  Disconnect();
VOID  ResetSerial();
DWORD Connect(LPCSTR szPort, LPCSTR szAmsVersion);
      (“COM1”, “COM2” etc.)   (“AMS” or “AMS5fs”)
SHORT GetSerial();
SHORT GetDeviceVersion();
VOID  SendMarker();
VOID  SendBeepingMarker();
DWORD SendCodedMarker(USHORT code);
DWORD SendBeepingCodedMarker(USHORT code);
FLOAT GetBatteryVoltage();
SHORT GetMarkerMode();
SHORT GetDllVersion();
SHORT IsRecording();