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Title: Physiological measures and self-report to evaluate neutral virtual reality worlds
Author(s): Bert Busscher, Daniel de Vliegher, Yun Ling and Willem-Paul Brinkman
Journal: Journal of CyberTherapy & Rehabilitation
Year: 2011
Issue: 4
Pages: 15-25
File URL: vuams-pubs/B.Buscher_2011_Physiological_measures_and_self_report_to_evaluate_neutral_virtual_reality_worlds_preliminary.pdf
Keywords: Virtual Reality, Exposure Therapy, Physiological Measurements, Neutral Worlds, Fear of Flying
Abstract: Using virtual reality technology for exposure therapy to treat patients with anxiety disorders is attracting considerable research attention. The ability to monitor patient anxiety level helps therapists to set appropriate anxiety arousing situations. Physiological measures have been put forward as objective indicators of anxiety levels. Because of individual variation, they need a baseline recording which is often conducted in neutral virtual worlds which do not include phobic stressors. Still because of the novelty of the virtual worlds, reports in the literature suggest that individuals already show some level of arousal when placed in these worlds. This paper presents two studies which look at the effect two different neutral virtual worlds can have on individuals. Findings suggest that a neutral world does not have to result in an increased level of arousal.

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