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PHD Theses

Individual differences in ambulatory autonomic nervous system activity
Autonomic nervous system functioning in major depressive disorder
Validity of ambulatory impedance cardiography
Mediating factors in the association between anxious depression and cardiovascular disease risk
Psychological and physiological responses to stress
Works stress and cardiovascular disease risk
Stress and salivary defense systems
Job strain and risk for cardiovascular disease in female nurses



  • MD Doornweerd ''Genetic and anthropomorphic effects on fMRI responses to food cues'' (ongoing, projected 2017, promotores de Geus, Drent, copromotor Ijzerman)
  • Denise van der Mee, MSc. "Validation of the Philips EmoGraphy technology to measure sympathetic nervous system activity in an ambulatory setting" (ongoing, projected 2021, promotor de Geus, copromotor Gevonden)