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OpenSesame VU-AMS plug-in

VU-AMS plug-in dragged into

OpenSesame (OpenSesame website) is the preferred experiment builder because we created a special VU-AMS plug-in for OpenSesame. The OpenSesame downloads as well as tutorials and documentation can all be found on the OpenSesame website. Please note that although OpenSesame supports multiple platforms; the VU-AMS plug-in only supports Windows! Also note a 32 bit version of OpenSesame has to be used. One can download a win32 version of OpenSesame at the bottom of this page.

Please download the plug-in from (click the green "Clone or download" button and choose "Download ZIP") and follow the install instructions on GitHub.

VU-AMS plug-in documentation can be found on GitHub or by clicking the question mark in the top right of a vu_ams item.

The VU-AMS plug-in has some very nice features like "Use number from title". When this checkbox is ticked, the marker number will be extracted from the vu_ams item title. This means when you name items "vu_ams1", "vu_ams2" and "vu_ams3"; markers 1, 2 and 3 will be send. This will allow you to see what markers are send in the Overview window without actually clicking all the vu_ams items. An example can be found here.

If your experiment contains a loop; you can use a variable from the loop item in the Send Marker field of the vu_ams item. An example can be found here.

NOTE: It is advisable to insert a logger item after the vu_ams item(s), typically at the end of your trial sequence. This will allow you to log the marker_sent_time(s) that you may need in case the connection to the VU-AMS device is lost during the experiment.

Old alternative

If you want to use inline script only you can still use the old VU-AMS OpenSesame template which does not need the plug-in.